Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New year.

Haapppyy New year! 2009 is a big number for us. Sorry for not updating. We forgot about this blog. 

Anyway, we are no longer 7Science2. We are 8Science 2. =] and we LOVE it. It is kinda hard to get use to when last year, we were like, 7science2,7science2,7 SCIENCE 2. Now, it's 8SCIENCE2.OK,what am I saying?

Unfortunately, someone moved. =[ It's SYADZWANIE. So we decide to say something for this weird but lovely girl.

We know, that we were not to close to you,but we always loved you like we love each other. You're weird but that is what makes you.You are very friendly and very nice. And don't forget shy. Syadzwanie, if you are reading this, we just wanna say, we Love you and we are gonna miss you our weird,shy,nice,friendly friend. ;]

Aww, we are going to miss you Wanie. :|


That's it, and yeah, we have the same teacher,our class teacher is still cikgu ermi. :D But unfortunately, Cikgu Suraya is not teaching us anymore :((((((. So yeah,that's it. Bye! :)

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Seven Science Two.

Hello people! We are 7 Science 2 of 2008. You see, we are form 1s actually, but the M.O.E gave '7' so please don't say that kami ani perasan. We are form ones remember?Hehe.. Well,actually, we're form twos because we just took our form 2 books. Form 1, we're gonna miss you! :)

So today, we were given back our GEO and B.M paper. The highest? of course SALWA. Anyway, Qilah asked Sir Yudi where is Sir Latiff cause we haven't seen him since the exam ended! and we were shocked when sir Yudi said,"Sir Latiff HoneyMoon. Ya baru Kawin ari Jumaat ani". We were like.. What the? HAHA. Pernah pulang sir Latiff bagitau kami Sir Latiff kan Kawin but we don't know he was serious. I Mean, he is like, The KING of Sarchastic in PJN.. Well, except Sir Rahman, he is pretty Sarchastic... Well, that doesn't matter.

So when it was commerce time(the Last period) we were VERY loud. We were talking(as usual) and walking... May I correct myself? 7 CP 1 is LOUDER, we're just.. loud.. HAHA. and then Qilah was like,"How 'bout we all play Truth or Dare??" and all of us agreed. So we gathered around at the Back of Jupiter17 and put a table on the middle. Everyone joined except for Fathin(she was too afraid to confess!) and you know what was the bottle?? it was a SCISSOR! HAHA! I know,I know.. But we don't have a bottle. So we played and played until the relief teacher came with a confused face. and then we told her that we were playing Truth or dare and she was smiling and sat down and then read some books. We continued playing until Bell. And that's the end of 17thNovember2008. That's it then... and Oh yeah!

Happy birtday to QILLY of 7 CP 2 and NABIL UMAIRAH of 7 CP1. Hope you enjoyed your day!! :)

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